Tony Savon's BitCalc
latest version (apr 2003): 0.45 - download it now!

Tony Savon's BitCalc helps you in the right choice of the bitrate when encoding a movie. You can type in movie duration or retrieve it from DVDs. In this case you must load an IFO file from the DVD (typically VTS_X_0.IFO), TSBitcalc will detect all available video tracks and will show them in the listbox. Selecting tracks in the listbox will automatically update the appropriate fields in the calculator section. Note that multiple track selection is also allowed and the sum of the track lengths is used; that's useful when encoding specials, together with the movie, in the same CD.

When an ifo file is loaded, TSBitcalc also provides several informations about chapters, video format, audio tracks subtitles and the bitrate of the original DVD.

When displaying chapter informations, an optimal split over multiple medias is computed, and a bitrate for each media is calculated; this feature lets you fill up the space on each media while keeping splits at chapter points. The chapters output format may be changed to fit your needs, for example a ChapterExtractor-similar output is available so that you can copy and paste chapter infos in VCDEasy.

After calculating all parameters, you can export your job to .tpr (S)VCD project file which is natively imported by TMPGEnc.




Version 0.45
New tool: Bitrate explorer shows the bitrate of the source DVD. Please note that not all ifo files provide info about the original bitrate (eg. Shaolin Soccer NTSC), in this case TSBicalc displays "0" as the average bitrate for the DVD. More tooltips related to DVD transcoding added.

Version 0.4
Stable Version of 0.4b2.

Version 0.4b2
Support for second audio, more tooltips, support for "open with...": TSBitcalc can now be started by double-clicking an ifo file.

Version 0.4b1
Many enhancements to GUI (drag&drop of ifo files, tooltips etc.), Create VCD Wizard, increased accuracy, (S)VCD mode, automatic Chapter Split, Video, audio & subtitles informations.

Version 0.3
Displays more informations about dvd tracks: number and languages of audio tracks and subtitles (useful for non-flask rippers).
Improved ifo parsing.

Version 0.2
Full support for .ifo files.

Version 0.1
Added control over fields, wrong values are now marked in red.

Version 0.1 alpha
Never released, only for internal use.

To Do:
Create SVCD Wizard is actually alpha state and not available in the current release.
DataBase functions are also planned in future releases.
VOB parsing to read informations about audio bitrate from the original CD

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