Caimans Video Codec for GBA
"We bring unmatched audio/video quality to your GBA"
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The Caimans video codec brings video on your Gameboy Advance(tm), with a new fast algorithm designed to achieve high quality at low data rates and visually optimized for GBA's lcd display. Starting from  version 2.0 the Caimans codec adds support for compressed audio, multipass variable bitrate, dynamic resolution changing and other advanced features you cannot find elsewhere. Try out the new demos from the download section to see how the Caimans codec performs good when compared to other popular GBA video encoders 

Caimans Video Codec is now available for the Nintendo DS. Check the the website to learn more:

It's been a long time since the last update but we have many news as well: Caimans Video Codec has been used in a number of commercial games like Spider-man 2 and Kim Possible 2. In the meanwhile Caimans Codec Pro has passed the beta stage and Version 1.0 is now available to developers. We've added a new demo in the download section and new demos will be up shortly
Caimans codec pro version 1.0 beta2 is out,offering slightly better quality than beta1 at the same bitrate. The final version is on its way. We've added a new demo in the download section
Advancegb has an interview with Tony Savon about Caimans codec and its future developments
New demo of Caimans codec pro version 1.0 beta added to download section: a full 25 minutes anime episode. Version 1.0 final with improved quality at the same compression ratio is on its way.
Caimans codec pro version 1.0 beta is out. Caimans codec pro is a brand new video codec for GBA offering over three times the compression ratios of the standard version of caimans codec. With caimans codec pro up to 60 minutes of video can fit onto a standard 32Mb cart. We have three new demos in the renewed download section to show our new technology and more will come shortly
Version 2.2 of the caimans codec is out. The new version improves compression quality with fast motion scenes, consolidating its leadership in the world of video encoders for Gameboy Advance
We have a new demo in the download section to show our current codec status, and more will come shortly
We have updated the "high frame rates" and the "dithering" sections of the Technology page, with more details about caimans encoder unique features

New demos of Caimans video codec version 2.1 added to the download section
Version 2.2 of the Caimans codec will be released soon

Caimans codec 2.1 is out! The main features of the the new version are:

1. Support for dithering at play-time to increase visual quality. Learn more about this feature in the technology page.
2. Ultra-low-quality mode added: delivers good quality at 10-12Kbytes per second, including audio.

A new demo has been added to the download section to show the new features of the encoder.