GBA Jpeg Viewer 101 Smart Uses
"You would if you could but you can't so you won't."

As suggested by refined users:
  1. Use it as "GBA Porn Viewer" to watch your XXX pictures wherever you like while people think you are playing (Note: we don't promote nor support porn)
  2. Read and trade your comics with your friends all over the world.
  3. Put maps into your GBA so you'll never get lost.
  4. Put password protected terrorists photos on your GBA, so that you can easily hunt them. A GBA is much more funny than Bush's cards ;-).
  5. Store poisonous mushrooms pictures on your GBA before entering the forest and save your life.
  6. Put pictures of yourself on your GBA, so you can use it as a mirror (as if the screen isn't already reflective enough).
  7. Put some key words or useful sentences for your trip in foreign countries (especially Asian countries and Russia).
  8. Put a picture of your house/building/flat on your GBA so the bartender can take you home when you get drunk (Note: we don't promote nor support drinking).
  9. Show people what your mother in law really looks like (Note: we don't promote nor support mothers in law or weddings).
  10. Store your favourite recipe on your GBA so that when you are around your girlfriend's house and she asks you to cook for her you can go off to Tesco and make it look like you dont even need a recipe book. While you are cooking just leave on top of the microwave, she'll never guess that you've got the recipe on it.
  11. View pictures of new or unreleased games and wish you were playing them.
  12. Put pics of knot tieing directions for when you need to tie a bo-line and forgot what one is @-@.
  13. Put paper airplane or origami directions onto your GBA for less paper cuts.
  14. Scan prices of items and use your gba to show the workers at the store that you found a better price, and hope they are conviced and don't figure out that you may have edited it.
  15. Make smilely faces pictures of any type and tie a leash on your gba, for you now have a real live gba pet, won't need to be fed either and much better then a pet rock or brick.
  16. Put lyrics of songs on your gba for karaoke parties (using the slideshow feature introduced with version 1.2).
  17. Put the answers to your exams and a picture of a calculator on your GBA. Then just swap between calc and answers depending on how far away your teacher is (updated: the distance where the teacher need to be has been reduced with new and improved jpeg decoder).
  18. You can put pictures of food and pretend eating them when hungry.(Note: we don't promote nor support precooked food)
Still 83 smart uses to find (and counting)... send us your favorite use of the GBA Jpeg Viewer!

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