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Colonel Trautman: "What do we do?"
Rambo: "Well, surrounding them's out."

Version 3.0
 In Jpeg Packer:

  Switched to jpeglib: Improved Jpeg Packing

  Headers are automatically fixed with gbarm, now GBA Jpeg Viewer should work with all flashcarts

  Rewrote Bilinear and Bicubic resize, now they are up to four times faster

 In Jpeg Viewer:

  Slighlty Faster jpeg decoding

  Can play bg music! It sounds crazy to me too, but so many peopole asked for this feature that I had to add it :-)

Version 2.5
 20% Faster Jpeg decoding.

 New progressive mode: Pictures are drawn in 2 passes.

 Added Options screen: Lets you mess with some basic aspects of the viewer

 Changes are now saved to SRAM

Version 2.4
 Better Jpeg packing (smaller files at the same quality)

 Faster Jpeg decoding

 Added a Back to Pogoshell function for Pogoshell users (like me). Thanks to Reesy for help.

Version 2.3
 Added a color dithering system: greatly enhanches display quality

 In thumbnail mode more infos on the pictures are shown

 Added pause option in slideshow mode

 New Graphics for menus

 In Jpeg Packer added settings for brightness and contrast

 Slighlty faster jpeg packing

Version 2.2
 Added Project load/save feature

 Added a thumbnails system

Version 2.1
 Support for bigger pictures with zoom/scroll

 New graphic interface in Viewer

 Some minor changes in Packer

Version 2.0
 Brand new Jpeg decoding engine: up to 3 times faster!!!

 Added a password system

 Added a basic area selection option to encode only a part of a picture (useful when encoding comics)
 Added a sharpen/text enhancement option (again:useful for comics).

Version 1.2

 Added a Rom size preview feature in Jpeg packer
 Better quality in Jpeg encoding
 Added a rom options button to specify rom internal name (required by some flash program)
 Added a slideshow mode in Jpeg viewer
 Added a nice "about box" in Jpeg packer (based on an idea by Tangor Fopper)
 Added dynamic brightness adjustment in Jpeg viewer
 Small pictures are now centered in GBA display
 Jpeg decoding is now 10-15% faster

Version 1.1
 Added "Gamma correction"

 Added "Insert pictures" feature, to import pictures at a specific point in the list

 Added "Jump to a random picture", skip +-10 and +-100 pictures
 Added an image counter
 Added "Reset"
 Added up and down buttons in GBA Jpeg packer and the ability to remove pictures pressing the "DEL" key
 Added a simple help screen.

 (Bug fix) Loading many pictures at a time with the add... button instead of drag and drop didn't work well

Version 1.0
 First Release

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